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Granular Feldspar

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Hello I am looking place to buy Granular Feldspar up to .80mm  - I live in the Uk and none of my clay stockist can get hold of any. I have been looking for 3 months to no avail. Could anyone recommend a place a could buy some in the USA so I can ask a friend to bring a small amount for me to play with. Strange we don’t have it here as we mine Feldspar. 
thanks in anticipation Foster

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If you’re in the UK, you might also check German suppliers. There’s one of them at least that sells a really large selection of grog types which I would assume to include different feldspar meshes, but their name has completely left my mind. I did find this website, which does have an English translation that bodes well. They carry a few different kinds of feldspar, and could be a better source of info on a supplier that’s at least somewhat closer to home. 

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