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I assume that you are making moulds for slip casting (this limits the choice of release agents).

Any idea what your masters will be made of?

Are you intending to make drop-out or multi-part moulds?

A picture of your master would give an idea if you are going to have to worry about undercuts.

PS Somebody will probably move your post, as it will get a better audience in Mold Making and Slip Casting

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@GeniumI added a prefix to your post title. If you would edit the post and change the title to something other than your name, you would get more traffic on the post, and the search engines would be able to pick up the post when someone in the future needs help with the same topic.


Welcome to the forum, hope you find your answers!




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I use this 


As for mould release agent.....  Nothing required for slip casting.  Nothing should be required for press moulding, but talc can be used in porous, non-plaster moulds, or WD40 in non-porous non-plaster moulds.

The only other time you would need to use mould release is when creating the mould.  Different master materials require different mould release (and some need none), and you need a soapy release between different sections of plaster, so they don't stick together.

Try your local library or the online auction site for a copy of the Clay Lovers Guide to Making Molds.  It has a list of release agents for diffferent materials.


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