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Life and Death in Art

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One of the best NC Potters Conferences had Chris Staley and Malcolm Davis presenting ... Chris who is so serious and thoughtful about every aspect of pottery and Malcolm who could laugh at himself or anything else and did ... just an incredible contrast. Even though they could not have been further apart temperment wise, seeing the degree of respect they had for the craft and for each other was a highlight. People still talk about that year!

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Great video clip ! Chris Staley mentions as an example the Mimbres indians.

They made fantastic pottery, check this out:



What I find particulary good is his conclusion:

" .. It's really powerful in terms of how close our ancesters lived to life and death and how acutely aware they had to be and sensitive they were to their surroundings".


"maybe that's what we need to be doing. We need to be asking these powerful questions about our environment and our surroundings and what is of real value to us and where we are going in this world and why we are going there and where we are going to be 50 or 100 yrs from now."


I would go one step further and mention - in the light of above - Global Warming as THE issue.

It is about our environment and it is about life and death and it is about where we are going, absolutely!

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