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  1. Spoon rest must be a American thing. Really interesting that people buy those. Nobody here wants them even for free ( I made few to see do people like them) They ask: "Why use "spoon rests" if we have saucers that work as well"
  2. use water and wet sandpaper... dust problem solved.
  3. What is this huge red monstrosity, attached to Bailey's kilns? OK, I know, it's the relay etc box that gets hot too. But why is it on the front of the kiln? Really awful design. Rohde moved all this stuff to the left-back side of the kiln so you can have better access to your kiln from the front. Hard wiring the controller to relay box is also really weird design decision. Never mind that... Those Advancers made me drool too. Any idea, who imports Advancers shelves to EU? BTW, you can get those from that damn China for less than 100 USD a pop, if you buy 30 or so shelves.
  4. Make yourself a 2 part "prototype" so you can be sure, those tools actually are improved if handle is thicker. I am sure it will feel nice when you pick it up but because your fingers are further apart you will lose accuracy in your movement. If you like to make those metal handles a bit softer, use heat-shrink tubing (used in electronics or by electricians).
  5. Kiln wash, that stays almost powder like (more like packed powder) and requires minimal or no "grinding" is you friend. If your KW gets hard and you need grinder to remove it, it's obviously wrong mix for your firing temperature. Aluminium oxide is your friend too.
  6. Cheers Brian. Now I feel like getting me ass back to the studio and giving it a second try. I missed me first one by 7/8 of your funky measurement units. BTW, we started a local chapter of 12" (30.48 cm) club. Leather jackets, fast bikes and wild parties at anagama kiln. You know... potters usual.
  7. neilestrick, awesome job. Are club members going to have a special forum badge or something?
  8. How much and what size grog you got there? No grog and >1.5 cm, is asking for trouble.
  9. Biglou13 asked for more information so, here we go: This vase is 15.7" high and 11" wide I used heavy grog (0.5-2mm) brownish stoneware clay. It's built from coil on the throwing wheel, I used black engobe. No glaze. Fired to 1200C
  10. Biglou13 asked for more information so, here we go: This vase is 16" high and 14" wide I used heavy grog (0.5-2mm) stoneware clay. It's built from coil on the throwing wheel and covered with white engobe. No glaze.
  11. Updated Vases gallery

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      Comments added. Waiting for admin approval. You know what, I am going to open a forum thread.

    3. Biglou13
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      Evelyne Schoenmann

      Mart, I was asking you, weeks ago, how you did the blue on the tenmoku bowl. Now I know why I never got answers. My comment in your gallery didn't record. Great new vases! Evelyne

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  13. Throwing stick? Are we carp fishing or pulling 12" tall beer mugs from mud? (yes, I know the stick you are talking about)
  14. Missed by 7/8... oh well, maybe I get lucky next time. Do I understand correctly: - no sponge, - You can not take your hands off in the middle of the pull and continue from there as a same pull. - result must be "usable" as a huge beer mug or something - no tools (like ribs etc) At least this is how I attempted to do
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