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Flying with commercial brushing glazes

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I am about to go visit family in the States, and wanted to pick up some commercial brushing glazes (pints) that aren’t easily available to me here in Canada. I was wondering if anyone has experience travelling with glazes— of course since it’s liquid they would have to be in a checked bag— but wondering if I should expect any issues with Customs? I don’t think there would be a problem as they can be mailed through (but I’m going there anyway so want to save on shipping if possible), but wanted to ask for others’ knowledge and experiences before I spend money.

Can’t find any info online other than for dry ingredients and powders.

Thank you!

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It would have to bee teeny tiny 100ml jars of liquid glaze that fit into a 1 Litre plastic bag.


Re dry ingredients, it can't be anything that is considered hazardous. I wouldn't take the risk, hmmm, fine white powder in a suitcase, what could go wrong? Could ask the TSA but I would think it comes down to the person asking questions if you are selected for a spot search of luggage.

I'ld mail it any dry materials to yourself.

Welcome to the forum :)


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Hi and thank you, Min!

I appreciate your response and the welcome.

However, I wasn’t asking about putting it in my carry on (which is where the rule for under 100ml comes in). I would be putting them in checked baggage (where any liquid over 100ml must go). so no problem with that rule!

I am also not bringing dry ingredients (though many people have just fine, I’ve read).

I am specifically wondering if anyone has experience flying from US to Canada with pints in their checked baggage.


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I can't think that it would be any different than flying with shampoo, lotion, toothpaste or any of the other things we might put in our checked luggage. You might be questions by customs when you arrive back in BC and have to explain that they are 'art supplies' .  Lin

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Thank you so much, Lin!

That is what I am hoping! I will keep the receipts with them. I know that “ultimately it is up to the customs agent’s discretion”, like anything else. Fingers crossed!

Glad no one is piping in with stories of being hassled! :)

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In the past 50 years I few with a small suitcase packed 100% with stilts/pots. The xray folks had a melt down as it was a solid. I few a brick in hand carry (due to weight limits on checked bags) back from New Zealand. Untold pots coming and going.

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