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Pillowcase drying of reclaim

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Finally got round to doing what has been suggested many times before.  Filled a pillow case with dried out clay, thin pieces mainly, and put pillowcase into bucket of water.

Left it for a week (community centre - only go there weekly).  Pulled it out, stood it in a bowl to drain.  Left it for another week.  Poured off excess water.  Left it for another week.

Took it out of pillow case this week, cut lumps off, handed out to class to use.  Perfect and little to no effort on my part - hurrah.

Can't believe how easy this was.  I usually reclaim in a bucket, and removing anything drier than slip has always been a nightmare. 

Started another pillowcase this week from the previous 4 weeks dried out clay.  This has changed my life.

Humidity is low indoors, and heating is on, which has helped with evaporation.  Might work a bit quicker in the summer.

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