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What do ya'll think? If I fire earthenware and stoneware both to ^06 which will be most durable?

I want to burnish the piece, bisque fire it then smoke it in a metal can, which of these, earthenware or stoneware,

will take the smoke better?






I am intested in this question as well. I plan to make a coil bowl out of a red clay--an earthenware clay-- with mica in it in the Native American tradition. An article I read said to burnish, then fire to ^ 08, then place in a wood fire for the smoke effect. Has anyone had fun with this?

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Don't think you need to bisque and then wood fire. Just go straight to woodfire.


I bought my micaceous bean pot from Brian Grossnickle; he collects and processes his clay from a source in New Mexico. Wonderful work. http://micaceouscookware.com/




Yes!! He is the potter featured in the article in New Mexico magazine that I read. His work got me fired up (sorry for the pun) to give this clay and technique a try.

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