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  1. Dinah--I am entranced by your Funaria Containers! Could you tell me a little about their size, what clay you use, the intended purpose (are they urns for ashes?)? I love making little stoneware boxes. My faves are 2 and 3 inches square, with textures and glazed at ^6 in bright colors. Looking at what you do with your boxes expands my mind. . .
  2. Hi! I didn't notice that anyone had commented on my little obsessions. I will upload some close-ups. Thanks for your comment.
  3. I am a handbuilder, too. One day I hope to make a piece as gorgeous as this!!
  4. metal and mud

    Little Clay Boxes

    July 2012 Farmer's and Craft's Market
  5. Incredible!! I can't believe this is clay.
  6. Your works are amazing!! Thank you for posting them. I am a slow hobbyist potter, in my second year, who hopes to be as good as you some day. I am slow, too, and like it that way.
  7. Fabulous technique. Your other pieces are not shabby, either. I love the large bowls and platters. May I be that good some day.
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