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Potter's Choice True Celedon 5 Gallon Clumping Issue

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I am have a pretty wacky issue with my 5 gallon of dippable True Celedon Potters Choice Glaze.

I mixed the original batch and waited the 24 hours.  Mixed again and use.  Came out awesome on a 2x4 platter I made.   

Next time, about 2-4 days later, I went to mix the glaze (using my drill mixer) all the glaze clumped into a hard packed mess at the bottom.  I cannot stir as it seams to have solidified.  I can get the mixer to break it up and was able to do it once.  Next time, same thing.  

Anybody else have this issue.  


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Maybe someone with direct experience will answer but since this is a commercial glaze we have no idea of how much clay it might contain and if it is naturally deflocculated due to sodium. I suggest a good read for this  https://suemcleodceramics.com/how-to-fix-a-hard-panned-glaze-with-epsom-salts/

You likely will end up using Epsom salt a little at a time to re suspend the glaze. Since bentonite can generally be added up to 2%, you might settle on 1% addition because you will never know the actual clay content, then flocculate with minimal Epsom salt as a start.

Hopefully someone has direct experience with this commercial glaze for a tried and true solution. Actually a call into Amaco probably gets you the most tried and true solution for this glaze. I am sure they have seen it before.

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Adding Epsom salt (or vinegar) to adjust thixotropy has been key turning glazing from chore to joy; here's Tony Hansen's video on the subject:

How to Gel a Ceramic Glaze - YouTube

Reducing "hard panning" is a side benefit for me; perhaps a nice "Gel" behaviour would be a side benefit for you Ken B? If you do increase the thixotropy, reducing specific gravity somewhat may be in order.

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I would reach out to Amaco and ask them if they have any recommendations before making adjustments to your bucket. If the glaze already has some bentonite in it, adding more is going to not help, as a for instance.

If you haven’t got the patience to wait for an email back, mix up your bucket again, and take some samples out to adjust as per the suggestions above (love Sue McLeod!). You don’t want to accidentally mess up your entire bucket.


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