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  1. Thanks guys, I've reached out to Amaco and they did get back to me. Waiting on their response as they wanted to know the specific gravity. (1.40)
  2. I am have a pretty wacky issue with my 5 gallon of dippable True Celedon Potters Choice Glaze. I mixed the original batch and waited the 24 hours. Mixed again and use. Came out awesome on a 2x4 platter I made. Next time, about 2-4 days later, I went to mix the glaze (using my drill mixer) all the glaze clumped into a hard packed mess at the bottom. I cannot stir as it seams to have solidified. I can get the mixer to break it up and was able to do it once. Next time, same thing. Anybody else have this issue. KenB
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