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I have a North Star
Super Slab Roller but I am wondering how different it is from an electric slab roller.

I talked with a Bailey technician and he stated the finished clay from an electric slab roller would be the same as that of a manual slab roller.
But, I have also heard someone say that the clay comes out more tight and denser. 

Their show room is way too far from my studio and I don’t know anyone that has an electric slab roller.
So, If someone has both an electric and manual slab roller, please tell me the difference, if any, between the results of the two machines. 
Thank you so much for your time.

P.s I use slab to make plates and/or bows, etc...something functional.

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Hi Nemo,

What Johnny said :) Density would have more to do with clay formulation and moisture content, and vitrification upon firing. Keep the gear bushings lubricated and if possible free of excessive dust because some of those manual slab rollers chew them up to the point that the gears don't mesh. 

Happiness is a warm kiln. 

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