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  1. Thanks Young Lady I believe I already have a taker for the item. I'm just waiting for contact to pick it up, and I'm including a few other extras. I understand what you mean about putting a price on something because most of us think if something is free it's not worth anything. Also I've had experience in selling art at a few weekend-in-the-park shows where I'd put garage sale prices on a table of work that I didn't want to bring back home and got little interest so I put some outrageous prices on a few pieces and those sold almost immediately -go figure.
  2. Hi Nemo, What Johnny said Density would have more to do with clay formulation and moisture content, and vitrification upon firing. Keep the gear bushings lubricated and if possible free of excessive dust because some of those manual slab rollers chew them up to the point that the gears don't mesh. Happiness is a warm kiln.
  3. THIS ITEM HAS FOUND A GOOD HOME -thanks for all the interest : CA Los Angeles -Van Nuys/ Panorama City area free homemade potter's wheel: Works strong, no operation issues -variable speed with hand control: not UL approved or double insulated must be used with GFCI electrical outlet for safety but in 30 years I've never had an issue with it. YOU pick up - no shipping.
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