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Food Safe metallic glaze

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2 minutes ago, liambesaw said:

You can use a gloss glaze and then coat with gold, platinum or mother of pearl lustre to get metallic sheens.

Other metallic glazes are finicky and not true glazes, they're manganese saturates.

oh that is a very good idea!! That way they can be food safe!! thank you!!

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3 hours ago, Callie Beller Diesel said:

I didn’t think most lustres would be durable enough for food use, at least not over a whole piece.

The older style lead fluxed lustres, no.

The newer ones are pretty skookum.  They have an addition of either rhodium or iridium that makes them really durable.  Mother of pearl lustre is titanium dioxide, which is also very durable.

Fumed lustres and smoke lustres will probably never be very durable, just because you cannot add a hardener to them.


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4 hours ago, oldlady said:

kid, what do you think a steak knife would do to that glaze on your dinner plate?   some glazes are better left to decorative use, not practical use.

That’s a fair point! I was just thinking to use that on the exterior of a mug anyways :) thank you!

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