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  1. Hi all, I bought my kiln a month ago and fired it around a dozen times. It is showing these hairline cracks around the brick and I am wondering whether that is normal. And please let me know if you think my shelves are a bit small for my kiln best, Grumpy
  2. HI all! I just got a smaller new kiln that uses NEMA 6-50R plug, and it is not compatible with my old NEM 14-50 recepticle. Is it safe for me to purchase an adaptor for that? best, Grumpy
  3. Hi all! I am trying to create this snake pattern on a mug! I want to achieve the look of glossy pattern with matte lines. Can I just dip the mug in clear glaze and carve away the lines? (Sgraffito?) How can I achieve this clean look? Thank you!!!
  4. That’s a fair point! I was just thinking to use that on the exterior of a mug anyways thank you!
  5. oh that is a very good idea!! That way they can be food safe!! thank you!!
  6. Hi guys!! I love the look of metalic glaze, but a lot of them are not food safe Does anyone know a brand that makes food safe metalic glaze? p.s. I am looking for somethine like this! Best, Grumpy
  7. Hey guys, does anyone know what this glaze/finish can be done?? Is it a glaze or a luster?? thank you!!
  8. that is a good point! I will try to keep my moods up once i sort this kiln situation out haha
  9. Oh no it is not on an extension cord! but sharing the same outlet as the dryer is what i meant haha
  10. Those are all amazing point! I am going to text my electrician to ask whether it is possible to upgrade the existing circuit to 35 amp! I cant really relocate my kiln cuz the garage is the only possible location for it the breaker is an extension from the outlet for the dryer, so hopefully the "upgrade" is possible!
  11. Hi Liam! Yah that is exactly what I am thinking rn... my option is either to spend a couple hundred bucks on fixing my current 28 amp kiln or spend some more on a smaller 24 amp kiln..... My current kiln is aboue 20-30 years old and I am not thinking to change the elements any time soon
  12. thank you for the advice!! I am looking into getting a 18x18 kiln now a holiday gift for myself!
  13. I talked to my electrician about this and he seems relaxed about running the kiln on a 30 amp breaker, but i am not sure about it... He told me that there is no way to up the ampage of that since the location of the outlet and the central breaker box is too far that it will require major rennovation work.... I will take a look at 18x18 kiln then! thank u!!
  14. Hey guys! I have been using my 28 amp kiln on a 30 amp breaker, but i had to replace control board recently, and the technician said I will trip my breaker if I keep running on a 30 amp breaker.... I have no option but to keep using this breaker, do you think it's safe? If no, do you have any reccomendation for small volt kiln that can run on a 30 amp breaker?
  15. My old cone art kiln with Orton controller shut off at 2140 F (max temp 2340 F) and cannot be turnt on after There is still power from the outlet since I am using the same source as the dryer, which still has its display on. Should I try opening the electrical box...?
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