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Do you have pictures of extruded colored clay

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2 hours ago, Sorcery said:



2 hours ago, Sorcery said:

Why must it be a colored extrusion?


I normally extrude extrude stoneware.  I also have had good success extruding Dixon scultping clay.  I just wanted to try something different.


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1 hour ago, ChloeElizabeth said:

@Bryan Johnson Hi there! I just posted a thread in another section asking for advice on making earrings. Specifically, what types of clay work better? How do such small earrings fire in the kiln?  How do you handle the wiring? Any advice would be helpful!

Since I use colored porcelain some techniques might not work with stone ware. This is a short form of process.

1 make earring (I use a very white cone 6 porcelain)

2 put in holes for wire or cord while wet

3 dry

4 fill  quart bowls with pieces.

5   010  bisque

6 tumble polish for 2-12 hours, til edges rounded and surface smooth

7 clean & adjust holes with diamond bit

8 high fire laid flat on kiln shelf

9 tumble polish (no grit needed)

10 sort

11 wire

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On 5/5/2020 at 8:44 PM, jrgpots said:

I would love to see any pictures of extruded colored clay.  Any hollow extruded tubes using colored clay would be of great interest.


Unfortunately I do not have photos.   The school I work in has a red cone 6 clay and a white cone 6 clay.  I have used the two clays together and extruded them as a hollow 6 sided tube.  This is what I recommend;   

-let the two clays be in the same bag for at least a week to get to the same moisture content.

-make 2 logs of each clay to slam/roll together,  stack them like a checkerboard.

- put in the extruder , don't mix the clays too much or it will be one color. 

Good luck - most of the color changes were in stripes, they didn't move around on the bias.  One of my students made her extrusions solid, then cut them like coins and built a tray out of them, she put them through the slab roller to even  them out.  Turned out great.


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