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seeking a documentary on cups / mugs

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Some time ago I watched a part of a documentary that talked about different styles of mugs, the size and style of handles, and touched in a somewhat philosophical way on the impact these design considerations had on the user.  I don't think it was on this site but I'm hoping someone here might be able to point me in the direction of this video if it rings any bells.  Thanks for your help!

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That video of Pete Pinnell talking about cups is really useful. LOL! You folks who bailed on it are missing out on a good seminar. Go make yourself a cuppa and retune! You're spoiled by sound bite journalism and commercial telly! :D




O.K., so I went back and watched Pete's video. He had some great ideas in there on form . Some great pots by Linda Christian and Clary Illian. Some good points on actually using the piece to find out how it works.

Ironically, both Mark and I are aged 59, so we are not of the sound byte generation. I guess I just wasn't in the mood the first time. I am glad you talked me into revisiting him.


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