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I have gathered some odds and ends porcelain parts from knob and tube wiring in old houses,  some old elements that are broken into 2-3 inch pieces and some thin porcelain tile that is 2x2 inches square.  They all make good stilts for odd projects   I buy the tile from  closeout bins and pay two dollars a sheet,  one sheet is 12x 24 inches.   It is the type of unglazed porcelain tile is used in historic homes.  It is cheap enough I would throw them away if glaze ran on to them.  I would stay away from a runny glaze in that area,  when  I have a area like that I will put a thin layer of glaze next to the edge or leave a quarter of a inch unglazed.  If I am worried about glaze combinations I will often make a small sculpture of it and test my glaze combination on it.     Denice

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callie, when i make hanging planters or birdhouses, i put them on taller posts so they are supported from the inside and hang upside down during firing.  i only glaze the interior a quarter down from the rim so the post is in no danger of touching glaze.

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