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  1. Thank you so much for your response! Your suggestions are very helpful.
  2. How do you glaze "Totem" pieces so the glaze doesn't get on the kiln shelf during firing? For example, if I apply glaze close to the edge (of the post opening) of a ball or tube shape I am afraid it will run onto the kiln shelf. Is there a special stilt that needs to be used?
  3. If you glaze pieces for a "totem " close to the edges of each piece how do you prevent the glaze from getting on the kiln shelf? 

    Are there special stilts that can be used?  It seems like most shapes; balls, tubes, boxes need to be lifted off the shelf ???

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      Hi PattiKaye, your question would probably get more replies if you posted it in the Studio Operations and Making Work section. This Status Updates section is more for what people have going on at the moment rather than a place for asking questions. Welcome to the forum :)

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