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I have a Paragon TNF823. I changed out the elements and relays a few months back and have done less than a dozen firings since then. The wiring to the kiln is all correct and above specs. I recently completed a successful cone 6 firing with the kiln temperature reaching 2240. But now for two Cone 6 firings in a row the FTL(Firing Too Long) code has displayed and the kiln temperature stopped climbing in the 1730 to 1750 range. Does anyone have any advice or recommendations? Thank you. 

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Check your connections and the continuity of all elements. It is possible for a kiln to reach the 1700℉ range with one element out. But it won't go much past that. Perhaps the connector to one of the elements has come loose or there is some damage to one element. For a quick test of whether all elements are coming on, slip a scrap of paper behind every element, then turn it on to some program, doesn't matter what program, for 5 minutes. Then turn it off and check the paper scraps. Any that are charred are behind working elements, any that are not charred that element did not turn on. Troubleshoot from there.

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I have been having trouble with my kiln since the second firing. We replaced the element and Paragon had us send the housing unit in and replaced the parts that were troublesome. I have now gotten 6 cone 6 firings out of it but when I try to fire at cone 06 for my glaze I get FTL at 1655. I am so frustrated since I have orders that need to go out. I have contacted the seller to see what else can be done with this kiln. I am thankful it is not just me.

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