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slowing down a video so i can follow the process

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there really isn't a good name for this so i put it here.

watching one of the speeded up videos i noticed the potter racing through exactly what i wanted to see.  stopping and restarting it several times did not help enough.   wonder if any of you know how to slow down the video so i can see what he is doing?  remember i am a total simpleton with computers so be patient and explain anything in simple terms.   

i would only have my hp laptop, windows 10 to see it.  thank you.

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Hi Lady!

In You Tube, select the "Settings" icon (which look like a gear), then speed, then select your desired speed; post back if You Tube isn't in question ...ah'm headed out to the studio for some hours!



you tube spd.jpg

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You can ask the Potter in the comments for the unedited version to be uploaded and I'm sure they will.  The problem with sped-up timelapse videos is that when it's edited the extra frames are cut out, so even slowing it down might not be helpful enough

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