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Tam U.

Can I apply wax resist on greenware?

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I do single firing for stoneware and porcelain with good results but my glazing process is a little clunky --in that I brush my glazes on because I am yet to experiment with spraying. 

When I'm glazing greenware I simply wipe off (with a damp sponge) any trickle on unwanted spots but this normally reveals rough surface of the clay, especially if there is grog. 

So can I apply wax resist or equivalent? Or glaze trickles will get absorbed regardless since the clay is still very much porous?


Thank you for your help.



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welcome to the forums.

that is a question  answered by "it depends".   the variables include, the kind of clay, the type of wax and the method of application.  

when i get HOT wax on my greenware, i flick it off with a knife.  if you have a groggy clay, moistening it with a wet finger and pushing the grog back into the surface   AFTER FLICKING IT OFF WITH THE KNIFE, will usually work.


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Thank you for the welcome, Oldlady.

I brush my glazes for now till I learn how to spray.

I only have the commercial wax resist with no particular brand and I've only ever used it on bisque ware in the past, which worked well.

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