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What's your Mug?

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I posted a mug before-my favorite for the monrning java was made by some one else. Here are my own that I use. These were gas-fired, ^10 a long time ago. The handles are largish, to fit my hand.  I don't make mugs anymore. Got bored with cylinders, got bored with handles, and gave 'em all away.  So these 2 are all that are left. I made the glazes myself, and made the clay body myself.  



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My current mug is one I made a couple of months ago. The rim is a bit thick but still better than any of the mass manufactured mugs we own. Every time I make mugs I hope one of them might replace this one, but not happened yet, got close the last batch though.



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When I was first learning ceramics at MassArt a decade ago, I played around with some unusual handle shapes that I found more ergonomic than traditional ones - I prefer to use all my fingers if possible. 


Attached are a few examples - I like the T-handle best and I've included a coiled version that I call leechware for obvious reasons - but do realize that isn't the best marketing term ;)  I really enjoy the handle attachment, and find these guys much more fun to work with than traditional coils, and are fast to make by cupping your hand.  I initially had them vertical, but rotated a few to make it even easier to grab and lift.


My next favorite is the pistol grip and I used this very early piece at home for many years.  The carpenter handle one is such a voluminous vessel that it should properly be termed a stein - I did do a few that were shorter and more attractive, but don't have images handy.  I sold a few, probably to wives and girlfriends.  I created a press mold for all three types to keep weight down.


The full-hand mug is a one-off piece that I spent an obscene amount of time on, and it just sold at the MA Holiday Sale.


The Candice Methe is my current home mug, and I like this traditional handle as I can get two fingers in with ease, and it has good balance - not to mention design.  Due to the flared bottom it holds much more coffee than I should drink - a full pint.  What I really hate are those dainty little cups that you can only get one finger in, and memories of those are probably what drove me to try other - perhaps more masculine - approaches.

Candice Methe Mug.jpg

Leechware twisted T-handle.JPG

Pistol grip cup.JPG

Carpenter handle cup.JPG

Full-hand cup.JPG

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