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  1. I have one of those Speedball Clay Boss wheels. Its held up alright for the most part. I've used it everyday now for 6 years doing production ware and only needed to changed out the ball bearings about 2 years ago which was super easy.
  2. Tupperware containers of glaze and slip, vintage mustard jar packed with brushes, trays of tools for throwing/trimming. Studio isn't sectioned off for different things but everything is in reach by the wheel.
  3. Try rolling your coils on another slab of clay. It might seem weird but I found it to keep your clay really plastic when just adding more water and re-kneading makes it tired feeling and more likely to crack.
  4. When you run your Currie test do you mix up a big batch of base glaze and take what you need as you go or do you mix up several 100g batches?
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