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  1. Absolutely - the plug adaptors are out the window.
  2. You guys hit the nail on the head with figuring this out - thank you! This thread has been unbelievably helpful. I'm still absorbing all this new knowledge and planning what to do next this these kilns. Having them both on the 6-50R would be great if I'm switching one already. Side note: The plug looks like it could have been a DIY job from the past owner. I also just got a message back/wiring diagrams from Euclids Kiln, if you're interested to see. Based on the spec plate the kiln was 208V 3 phase that you now likely have hooked up on 240v 1 phase. This will require new elements for 240V, wiring for single phase, as well as being fused on a 50 amp breaker. I have attached the old diagram from 1996. CRT180AF diagram.pdf
  3. Wow! Thank you so much, that was really helpful - especially re: 120V/240V with the neutral. This secondary kiln with the questionable 14-30 plug is an Euclids. I just emailed them to hopefully get my hands on a wiring diagram or manual. It has two faceplates on the kiln computer box that are confusing as to what AMP it needs. Faceplate #1: CRT 180AF #1294-95 AMP 30 PH/HZ 3/60 KW 10 I started questioning what AMP it needed when I saw this additional faceplate/sticker by the manufacturer on the computer also: Replacement Elements CRT 180 208V AMP 48/1
  4. I have another kiln that has a NEMA 14-30 plug, and when looking at it again the kiln face plate says AMPS 48/1. I've plugged it in before and wasn't getting any power to any of the coils but the top row (even after replacing broken coils and both relays). The electrician looked it over and was stumped. Could this 30AMP discrepancy between breaker(30) and kiln requirements(60) be the cause? Thank you all for your input. I thought I'd done all my research, but still learning!
  5. Thank you so much for the quick and thorough responses! I will ask my electrician what the breaker can take - but you're right... I see the 14-30R is 30 AMP! Here are the details from both my outlet plate and kiln plate. My kiln plate says: AMPS 45 Watts 10800 240V My wall outlet says: NEMA 14-30R 30A 126/250V
  6. Hi, I have a NEMA 14-30P wall outlet, but the kiln I just bought is a NEMA 6-50R plug. What do I do? I was going to get my electrician to switch the plugs, but came across these adapters. Are they safe to use?
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