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Cone 1 Glaze Recipes


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since the side will flux a glaze you could use something for ^2-3. You might find more for that range.You could try this one:



Wright’s Water Blue Glaze Cone 1-6 Oxidation

Glaze Material


Lithium Carbonate 3%

Strontium Carbonate 9

Frit 3110 59

Edgar Plastic Kaolin 12

Flint 17

Total 100%


Bentonite 2%

Copper Carbonate 5%




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You could try contacting Jack Olive on the Sunshine Coast in BC. His functional pots are all ^1.  He might be able to point you in the right direction for a ^1 glaze. (his functional pots are decorated with coloured slip then a clear glaze overtop)

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I used a combo of frit 3110, Epk and Bernard slip for ^1 soda on terra Cotta. 








This is a take off from Val Cushing's ^04 underglaze 

using 1/3 Frit 3110, 1/3 EPK and 1/3 stain.


birdman 2 copy.tiff



birdman 2 copy.tiff

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