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  1. I finally got the wheel dismantled! But quickly realized I don't have the equipment or any way of determining if the bearings are bad, or the shaft being bent. The only thing that I really had any influence over was the bearing retainer on the top and bottom of the wheel. The wheel has been moved a fair amount since I got it so I wouldn't be surprised if the wheel head was bumped at some point slightly miss aligning the retainers. After I put the wheel back together the wobble had diminished to an almost imperceptible amount. I think it's safe to say that was causing the majority of the issue. I have noticed though, now that I have the extended feet back on that I can still see the whole wheel body slightly oscillating. I am picking up some cinder blocks to replace the leg bottoms and hope that clears up this last bit enough that it won't bother me. It really is a vast improvement from where it was, but I am going to be working towards production level use with this wheel; so I am really trying to get it dialed in before I start ramping up. There was a slight bend/impression in the belt that might be playing a part. The motor and pulley is aligned from what I can tell. Is there anything else to consider?
  2. I didn't have a great way to check the top. I would need to put together a stationary arm of some sort first. I went with the most efficient method first. My hope is that the wheel head is just not sitting straight on the shaft. As it happens a tree in my front yard fell last night and landed completely across my driveway and sidewalk, so that took priority over the days activities. I don't think I'll have time again until next Friday to dismantle anything, but I might be able to rig up an arm to check the top side.
  3. https://imgur.com/gallery/0e0vsN1 https://imgur.com/gallery/pLtPdsX
  4. Hello to All! I have been slowly converting the garage into a functioning studio. It's been a number of years since I've used my clay boss, which had this perceived problem since before this unintentionally long break. I have reviewed the other posts about wheel head wobbles, this one, and the one linked at the end about the dial indicator. I plan to start deconstructing the wheel tomorrow to try and determine if something is not sitting right with the belt, or wheel head shaft/ and bearing. The motion is definitely up and down not side to side, enough that it will likely be a bother for me. If there is any wisdom to impart before I begin dismantling, Please do!
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