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  1. i found a lot of great tips and tricks in this nic collins book on throwing large... https://ceramicartsnetwork.org/shop/throwing-large/
  2. they do a salt firing workshop at Munson Williams Proctor in Utica NY a few times a year. I've done the wood firing workshop there it's a great place. https://register.mwpai.org/wconnect/CourseStatus.awp?&course=203WK104-7
  3. Three different applications of this base glaze. You can see just how much application can change the end result. sprayed dipped brushed
  4. checkout matt raue on instagram (https://instagram.com/mattraue/) he's been firing a few conversion kilns with jeff shapiro and posting lots of videos and info on the firings.
  5. honestly being able to set a timed hold on items when they go in a cart is the best solution to this. someone puts it in a cart and the products description changes to say something to the effect of "this item is in another customers cart for x minutes" if the person with it in their cart doesnt checkout in that time then it's released. would be simple for any shopping platform to implement this on an item by item basis. * I built e-commerce sites for 10+ years.
  6. i've had pretty good success ordering from clay king.
  7. the thing that always gets me on this show is people never wearing masks when sanding or using dry materials.
  8. this little bowl has a shino glaze on it. the pot behind it has a glaze to the shoulder the rest is from the ash. these cups are all un-glazed on the outside. some slips applied to the two on the ends. this bottle was fired on its side and is un-glazed. just the natural ash glaze. has a really wonderful drip that formed from being side fired.
  9. I got a chance to participate in my first wood firing this past summer. it was great. i'd say definitely try to get some pieces in different places in the kiln so you can see what it's like for something to be by the fire box or in the back and how that affects how much ash they get and how much that ash melts. also try to wad things in different ways, i had some pots that were wadded on their side vs just on the bottom or with shells or with a ring of wadding vs a blob of wadding. definitely try some glazed vs un-glazed pots as well.
  10. In addition to Fred Olsen's great kiln book I like Kilns: Design, Construction, and Operation by Daniel Rhodes.
  11. thanks so much! i'm going to try this out next time i fire the kiln.
  12. they are all from john britt's mid-range glaze book. the shinos definitely want to be fired in reduction not so sure about the oxblood glaze i've got mixed results with it in both types of firings.
  13. yeah i actually watched this video a few times...definitely got some good info from there. it's very sensitive to changes i guess from being so small. so its like i can get a reducing flame coming from the chimney but a slight adjustment of the damper will have it climbing while there's a reducing flame as well. it never gets quite as big as that one in the video still though. but the klin is just a little 4.5-5 cu ft baby kiln. it has been great to get some firing practice with though.
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