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  1. I switched to doing all of my throwing at home in my apartment when the lock down started first in brooklyn and now in los angeles. I use a 3 bucket system (plus a bowl that i keep my water/slip in when throwing). 1) I have a 5 gal bucket that i dump my throwing water/slip into when it starts becoming more slip/clay than water. 2) Every few days when this settles I pour it off into a smaller 2 gal bucket. 3) When that settles I pour the water either back into the throwing bowl or into a 1 gal container and the rest back into the big bucket. I do have a studio i that i take my wor
  2. I had a little electric --> gas conversion like this...pretty much the same size tho i didn't flip mine on its side. got some really nice results out of it..these are the last ones before i moved across the country and gave it away to a friend.
  3. less than 200 for an ie seems like really good deal! one of those nickle and a handshake deals. the studio that i worked out of before covid had mostly brent ie wheels and some shimpos. they work great and held up to the rigors of a community studio with classes and members.
  4. i'm taking this workshop online in jan https://www.studioalluvium.com/upcoming/online-clay-processing-workshop-january-session maybe they will run another session but something like this would probably be helpful for you.
  5. threw some stuff this afternoon during my practice session inspired by this thread.
  6. I keep my wheel outside on the balcony of my apartment. It's been totally fine so far. I do live in LA where it doesnt rain very much at all. i havent had any problems so far.
  7. I think it's good and fine to be contemplating on if your work is taking from another culture in a disrespectful manner and this can be the case regardless of your intent or what's in your heart. I don't think that society sucks because you want to be sensitive to the people, work, and traditions that inspired the work that you create. in fact i think society sucked when a people's culture or traditions were being taken at the pointy end of a stick. it's true that korean potters stolen from their homeland by invaders were not texting about it but i'm sure they were none too happy.
  8. glazing a piece by pouring is also a skill that takes practice. all glazing methods take practice to get good at and all have their own unique challenges. also i've watered down glaze before spraying many times seemingly no adverse effect. sometimes the glaze is too thick to use in the spray gun... for me spraying large pieces is easier and results in a more consistent application. there's more work with it setting up and cleaning up but i get much better control over the thickness of the glaze on something large with spraying.
  9. glaze might not have enough clay in it to make the epsom salts work.
  10. boil the glaze? i think you would be better off letting it settle for a day or so and trying to siphon off some of the water. problem is some of the glaze recipe ingredients might be water soluble. probably best to add some dry mix to the wet.
  11. orchard valley ceramic arts guild: https://www.youtube.com/user/smedgerton/videos 3hr+ peter volkus demo from 1974:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qST6dzmLgoY&list=PLh_WwCbYTBSuPn6GH4HtCf5ZftvmSqDw8 master potter shoji hamada: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XdfsDDg2s3s onggi making: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YzAD10u4DOY washington street studios: https://www.youtube.com/c/WashingtonStreetStudios/videos john britt has a ton of great glaze videos including a full on free class on glaze chemistry: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkzm7dzTmNY64cMjuFtAjGA mo
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