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    Ceramics: Sculpture and mosaic .
    Oil painting: Visionary Landscapes, Sci-fi, Botanicals.
    New Age music.
    The Pacific Northwest.
    Addictions: Science fiction, gaming (formerly), solo travel, the pacific northwest

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  1. Sprained my ankle and scraped myself up rolling down a 20 foot hill, while trying to pick peaches. I got extremely lucky. 

    1. lgusten


      Glad to hear that you were not hurt too badly.  Hope you got some good peaches to munch on while you sit with your leg up and a little ice on the ankle.

    2. Denice


      Sorry to hear about your mishap,  I almost fell down a hill backwards my foot got caught on some pavers except for one toe.  It is bent backwards.  I happened to have a foot doctors appointment that week and he said nothing was broken.  This toe still sticks up higher than the rest of my toes.  When these weird mishaps happen to me I prop my leg up on a clay bucket,  pillow and ice in my studio and do some coiling or pinch pots.     Denice

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