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  1. I've saved several sheets now, and will definitely let you know the results. Think I'll do a saggar fire on Election day. Took the whole day off just in case anyway.
  2. Has anyone tried dried tomatoes as a way to add color to a saggar? I'm asking because I have several sheets of aluminum foil tomatoes have been grilled on, leaving the liquids dried with bits of seeds and such. Tomatoes are acidic, and I plan on trying a piece or two in my next firing, unless someone can tell me why I shouldn't. Opinions?
  3. Aboeleinen - I just watched a video the other day on this! The recipe they used is: 60% oxides/pigments 15% frit Enough oil (olive, baby, vegetable, mineral - didn't matter) to make it like acrylic paint. I'm looking forward to trying this soon!
  4. Well, sounds like it's going to be more trouble than it's worth so I'll try to find something else.
  5. And the recipe is one of the featured blog posts from just a few days ago! I thought the Lana Wilson's Purple Aqua low fire glaze looked simple enough with so few ingredients so I figured I would start with that as my first self-mixed glaze. I got a gift certificate from hubs for my local clay store and went online to see what it would cost for glaze making supplies but couldn't find Pemco Frit 626 or Ferro Frit 3289. So I started looking elsewhere online and STILL have come up with a big nada. Can someone help me figure out a decent substitute? I hope to use it on Steve's White clay
  6. I'm playing with an airbrush I forgot I had and adding just enough color to give it some interest and set apart the critters and such. Now that you mention it, the cut does look odd. Too late to fix on this one but I hope to make a few more along these lines.
  7. oddartist

    splash 10

    Thank you glazenerd! This is actually a clay doodle that just happened to become a bowl. I was hoping the glaze would 'toast' at the tips and ridges like it did on a couple other pieces but I'm kind of glad it didn't.
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