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    Cooking new things, especially vegetables I am not familiar with, starting a garden, reading, my sketchbook, writing, hiking and camping

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  1. Hey! Welcome back, Preeta! I missed your contributions. What are you up to now?

    1. oldlady


      yes!   glad to see you back.   hope all was well during your absence.  miss photos of your work.

    2. preeta


      Awww thank you guys. Just have had a lot going on. Mainly my teenage daughter's medical issues. Just trying to find answers which we are close to finally after suffering for 5 years.  

      Taking a principals of cooking class (3 hours straight standing and cooking. I loved every minute of it but it was only on the way back home the exhaustion would hit me) , starting a garden at a community plot plus working more. 

      I've taken all the community college classes in clay so now I volunteer to keep using the lab. So I have had no free time.  Plus i really got into researching the political world. I had to leave that now because it got too depressing (But thanks to Vaclav Havel i havent lost hope) and so I'm back here.  

      Clay is my first love and you guys are a great bunch to hang out with. I've missed the clay talk. So I've come home.  

      I love this sense of community. I found that in culinary and gardening as well as clay. 

      Eeh one day I'll have the guts to post pictures of my work.  I've got the form to where I like it but now am working on the skin I'd like to complete my work. I love our gas kiln. I've also finally accepted who I am as a potter. Which influence I want to show more. My political research helped me with that. I was grateful to find my voice of protest through my pottery. Now finally as a potter I am at peace.  

    3. Rae Reich

      Rae Reich

      Wow! What a lot of new input for your clay work - will we see "message" veggie steamers? Serving dishes for Peace? With all the talk about "kitchen table issues," the table surely is where community begins.

      Love and best wishes to you and your family 


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