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  1. I took a class from Dawn Candy. She uses Amaco velvet underglaze & plainsmen underglaze. She said it was a runny clear glaze that gives the bleeding effect when that clear glaze is over underglaze with blue in it. ( If I’m remembering correctly) She mixes blue in with the black underglaze. So far, it hasn’t worked for me. I think she said to add water to the underglaze which is trailed onto her green ware. I didn’t do that part. Maybe that’s why my hasn’t bled at all. She fires to cone 6, electric kiln. I have a runny clear recipe from her that she shared with us. I’m sure she wouldn’t mi
  2. I really like the bleeds & am trying to obtain that but so far no success! Go figure! I tried adding some cobalt oxide to my black underglaze & used a clear glaze that was suppose to make it run. Alas no! Nothing ran. Any helps would be appreciated as well. I do really like the pot you share a picture of. Wish I was getting that result. Thanks everyone
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