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  1. YEs I do like her things! From what I have been gleaning in my search is that it is the glaze that will make the underglazes run. And that the Amaco Velvets will run with the correct glaze. Sean O'Connell also fires at cone 6 and uses Jeff Campana's glaze receipe - available at Jeff's website - also check out Sean's things -beautiful also. My problem is that I am limited to firing at cone 10 - so I am testing and asking for a runny-ish clear glaze for cone 10. So if you are firing at cone 6 - try Jeff's glaze - it should work for you - Also it really is just the blues that run - they have some cobalt in them - which is why she also adds blue to her blacks. Thankyou so much for your input! Jen
  2. They both use just regular Amaco Velvet - it is a glaze that is a bit fluid that will cause the blues to bleed - now for finding a Cone 10 slightly fluid glaze - testtesttest
  3. Yes he was very helpful - although I fire at Cone 10 and he at 7 - but I am thinking of trying out that recipe of Jeffs - just to see what happens -it's a puzzle to be solved for sure! Thanks! Jen
  4. This is the look I am seeking - Sean O'Connell and Dawn Candy pieces- I have reached out to them also to see if they would share their knowledge I just really like the idea of the underglaze flowing
  5. Thank you all so far I have been putting 3 coats of the underglaze on, and perhaps I need to put a thicker glaze covering on - I've just been doing a quick dip - but I will try more of all. I am also going to add some 3134 Frit to the underglaze, and then on another add some Gertsley and do test pieces. (as well as thicker applications of both under and clear glazes) Any more ideas welcome!
  6. How do I get my blue/black underglaze to bleed? I have tried to add cobalt but it all just stays put and I Want the blues to bleed! Our studio fires to Cone 10, our clear is the John Britt No Craze clear. I am using Amaco Velvet underglazes and have tried both putting on greenware and bisqued ware. I am using a white porcelain (550) Any help MUCH appreciated Thanks, Jen
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