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  1. Thank you, these are good ideas - the egg crate foam! Yes, would love my own Kiln. Will have to keep an eye out for a used one.
  2. I had a disastrous first attempt at getting my pieces to the local firing service. Broken - marred glaze etc. I packed in cardboard boxes with cotton wool around each piece. How to pack greenware (glazed/unglazed) and glazed bisque pieces to a firing service? Would love your ideas - thank you for you time
  3. This is a bit off topic - can you guide me to some information on how I would ask my own question about transporting pieces to a firing service. Thank you in advance. Cheers
  4. Also, what brand would have a fluid clear. Should it be one that says zinc free?
  5. Thank you, this sounds like it would do the trick!
  6. Yes, this is what I'm looking for too. Softness of the bleed is gorgeous. So many possibilities. I would love to know if you hear back from them. Thank you for reaching out.
  7. Thank you for looking into this. I sure appreciate it! I had been learning to throw pots and dip glaze at my community college before the pandemic and have been trying to figure out how I can glaze at home and send to a firing service. It is necessary for me to do brush glazing with purchased glazes. I'm so glad I found ClayFlicks and your forum.
  8. I think I must have missed the firing temp and sequence of applying a clear glaze over the underglaze in Sean O'Connell's amazing clayflicks member video. Specifically I like how the black velvet underglaze dots turn blue with streaking. What brand/type of clear is used, at what temp, and do you add the clear over underglaze at the bone dry stage or after the piece has been bisque? Thank you! Would love to give this effect a try.
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