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  1. This is your signature piece kiddo. If I walked through a showroom of work without labels: I would automatically know this one was yours. This is the type of work that separates you from others: and you need to nurture it to its fullest application. That said, that also means it sits on shelves apart from other work. It also means the price is higher, because I know the hours it takes to produce it. Being able to "balance" a piece is an art of itself. By which I mean, the placement of the glaze, including colors, along with detailing does not over power or diminish the form. Sometime in the future when you write your book on this technique: i expect a signed copy..


  2. I hope you realize that you have a very marketable product line going on here? Given where you live, I would only promote these in local high end music stores. Selling these in trade shows will not attract the right kind of buyers, nor will you get the proper sales price. Very creative..a niche market for sure. Attach a niche price to these niche pieces.

  3. Went through all your most recent gallery posts. Excellent eye for color, and even more so for "balance." Good range of color, and most are easily mixed and matched. You have arranged your pieces in an "inventory" manner: able to check stock levels, and availability.. My conclusion: a professional potter has been born :)  I have zero doubts about your success.



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