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  1. Went through all your most recent gallery posts. Excellent eye for color, and even more so for "balance." Good range of color, and most are easily mixed and matched. You have arranged your pieces in an "inventory" manner: able to check stock levels, and availability.. My conclusion: a professional potter has been born :)  I have zero doubts about your success.



  2. Hate to say it, but I think I would use this to test a glaze pallet. Dip the upper half in a primary color, and the lower half in a pastel to almost clear. I am not sure which one would make it pop more. Although, too strong of a primary would mask the detailing and overshadow the star of the show---the detailing.

  3. Finally figured this piece out, been thinking about for days. The replicated ash brings in the primitive look, as does the form itself. However, you are moving up the color spectrum from pastel to bright yellow. This shift in color is purely modern, abstract. By the book, it should not work by mixing period references. But it does, and does very well. The brushwork towards the top reminds me of a Picaso technique: not overly definitive.

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