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  1. I usually shy away from the human form: but this was done with some great artistic expression. The scaling is dead on, the proportions are right. The octopus is so well executed, it looks like a real specimen. Barnacles, and other ocean effects- good eye. The problem I have with the piece is not bringing the bust line up. By cutting the upper and middle area away: it has a "bra" appearance along the edges. The nipple on the left seems more natural, softened. The one on the right seems protruded: exaggerated to the point of being pornographic. Are you going to leave this in a  natural color, or do you plan on using color to further highlight details?

  2. Absolutely stunning piece. The form capture the eyes, and yet keeps the eye from forming a focal point. The glaze is likewise just as captivating. This piece would look completely different if a different "colored" glaze as used. That is what makes artistry: knowing how to make the canvas fit the paint.

  3. I understand that emotion. When I bought the acreage we live on, it was littered with deer stands. Tore them all down, and one of the beighbors came over in a huff because some belonged to him. Great detailing work on this piece: even the muscular folds are represented.

  4. Joseph: yes I am in fact: usually I am not. Only thing I need to do is dial in the ramp hold temp to produce round floret crystals. T10 is a tank, the tile did not warp, which is common with standard porcelain. There is a distinct difference in field color as you noted: the standard cone 10 has much higher iron content. Going to throw some V-gum in and send you down a batch to play with. More than curious to see how your celadon works on it.

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