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  1. Congrats on the sale. Excellent piece to break the retail ice with. I like the height on that piece as well. Just figured out what I like it. Even though earthy tones were used: the shape is more modern; more proportionate. I know about trees; been hacking my way through the stoneware formulation jungle.

  2. The piece on the left works best for me. Grey / taupe is a tough color to incorporate into a pottery piece; even harder to blend to other colors. Interesting that you used the deepest color to break the color symmetry. Even more interesting, you did not use a straight line to do it!. 

    I visualize this piece as sweeping up from the bottom. So I wonder how the handles would look with the arch sweeping upward, instead of down? (convex instead of concave)


  3. Matthew: I have not forgotten about the glaze. Yet another reason I bought a wheel; I had no real means to test glaze run on vertical surfaces in real applications. I have made nearly 40 pieces: most of them miss the mark; but I can still glaze test them.

  4. Not sure widening the single line is necessary because: the foot ring is white, the inside handle is white, and the inside liner glaze is white: therefore balancing the piece IMO Placing the white band line in direct proximity of the bottom of the handle is also ideal.

  5. This is your signature piece kiddo. If I walked through a showroom of work without labels: I would automatically know this one was yours. This is the type of work that separates you from others: and you need to nurture it to its fullest application. That said, that also means it sits on shelves apart from other work. It also means the price is higher, because I know the hours it takes to produce it. Being able to "balance" a piece is an art of itself. By which I mean, the placement of the glaze, including colors, along with detailing does not over power or diminish the form. Sometime in the future when you write your book on this technique: i expect a signed copy..


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