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  1. I use a 0.25 CF primarily: it holds 2 of these test tiles. I also use a 1.75CF Paragon that has 6500 watts. I use that for multiple tests, small pieces, and small batches of crystalline liner tiles. The 1.75 is my favorite, it has 3800 watts per CF: twice that of ordinary kilns.

  2. Mark:


    I can see the color orientations you are after. The color used to make/highlight the flowers is off: does not follow the overall theme. This color needs to follow what you have inside the cup: do not be afraid of a dark/deep. burgundy. The bottom ( yellow) would flow better with the silver/white color I am seeing around the flowers (highlights). The deep color of the handle and interior is more than enough intense color. So balance the piece with some coordinating pastels.



  3. You just cannot help yourself-can you? Even when you purposely try to deform a piece: you throw with uniform non-conformity. I know you did not use a measuring device or calibers: but notice how evenly spaced and concentric your rings are? Your eye for proportion, will just not allow your hands to distort.  :)



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