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    From the album: work at 1515art

    Out of the kiln and off to a shop in San francisco
  2. I posted some kid pictures to the gallery, I was having trouble getting them the right size to post here. First two were a teaching and throwing demo at the makers fair for a studio I belonged to. The others are from my daughters elementary school, every year she was in elementary school I would volunteer and provide all materials, firing and instruction for the whole class and we would make something. One year the kids made ceramic red white and blue pendants and the teacher sent them overseas to the troops fighting in the Middle East.
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    Hi Marko, I threw the five main body parts and one extra head piece (the first was to large) on one evening in the studio and an evening putting the pieces together after things firmed up and doing a little detail work. also some time planning things out, but the work goes pretty fast if the thrown pieces are sized correctly. also spent an evening finishing this head off and throwing the ears and horns.
  4. hi Evelyn, thanks for the welcome to the group... no, only one studio located at the home downtown in Santa Clara so I have to drive back and forth whenever I work and fire the kilns, although we do keep a bedroom (and kitchen) at the studio house for visiting guests. it was a lot easier back when we were living there for studio access now I have a 6 mile drive back and forth, but the new house has the best school district and is located in the foothills, also its nice to have a separate place to host events away from home.
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    Hi Joseph, thank you, it;s gonna take a while to dry in all this wet weather, which is a good thing... hopefully he survives all the firings, first time i've joined this many parts crossing my fingers and i'll post a pic at the end.
  6. We are currently living in a different city from my studio, a house that sits on a busy street in what has become the center of town that my wife and I are turning into a gallery and studio space. It's a slow process and we have been taking our time and involving lots of our artist friends to help and participate in the fun, my wife is a jewelry designer and we have invited other friends so far involved in oil painting, sculpture, jade carving and fashion design to join us. We are also designing a website to support the studio and artist network, 1515art.com, although the website is not active yet, it's designed and almost ready to go. my studio uses about half the 3 car detached garage space patrician by a framed wall, but will eventually expand to the entire garage when i get a shed to store essentials (and junk) in. I also have a covered area just outside my studio sitting on a concrete pad that runs along side of the studio where i have my gas kilns set-up. Developers just finished a brand new large retail center as the "Town Centre" directly across the street, so as you can imagine there is much street noise and activity... the reality is, mostly I don't hear it and when I do hear the commotion I don't mind and it doesn't bother me. At times I do get a lot of visitors in the studio if friends are over or there is some event going on and sometimes the interruptions make work different. One of our friends is a fashion designer in San Francisco and was heavily involved in the International Fashion Week in San Francisco's China Town. She used our studio as a training area for about 30 of the fashion models for the week long event, now it's very difficult to complain about 30 beautiful Chinese fashion models popping in and out of the studio... but, a lot of the time (most) my studio stays as private as I need, sometimes a little to private and I consider joining another studio group or doing some more teaching just to add some balance.
  7. When I was visiting NECCA Portland one of the Janghwi, Icheon-si's Master, Choi In Kyu, gave me this tea cup as a gift.
  8. for mold release, using rubber stamps and making sprigs i like to use olive oil cooking spray. spray a bit on and wipe off the excess oil, i keep it off the areas to be joined when sprigging although it might not interfere with the joint.
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    i think it finished somewhere around 15" you are pretty close. the 15 to 20 range seems to be a comfort size for me to throw, larger and my back starts to hurt doing a pull, smaller and hands my don't fit.
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