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    Thanks Roberta, credit goes to glazenerds glaze...
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    Glaze test: coyote c6 red/gold on t2 stoneware
  3. 1515art


    Glaze test: coyote c6 red/gold on b-mix paper clay w/grog
  4. 1515art


    Glaze test: tommocou, c6 on b-mix paper w/ grog
  5. 1515art


    Glaze test: Coyote c6 Matt blue on b-mix with paper clay w/grog
  6. I don't want to pick on BCS anymore I've had my say and given fair warning to those interested. I will comment on one of your points. I frequent a lot of different forums, metal detecting/prospecting, antiques, jade carving and firearms to name a few and reviews from members are generally the most trusted and widely read among users and enthusiasts. many of the review sites are laden with shills or paid product placement, I like reviews from those I know in the limited internet way and at least had some experience and time online.
  7. Rex thanks for adding balance and your good experience with the merchant, I have no bone to pick with them other than my experience was not one they will have the opportunity to repeat with me. If and when they show me something different I'll be certain to give them good credit for the effort. the one time someone at BCS did answer the phone they said there was no way to check inventory without placing an order, there's no way to confirm first. You have to order and then try to cancel the order, or dispute the transaction via the financial institution if the merchant is unresponsive.
  8. I could list pages of complaints like these, but I won't wast the storage space... they don't respond to complaints, hence my warning here. Shop at your own risk, I still don't have my complete order. 1 starOrdered a kiln Dec 31st 2017. Started to worry February 12th, 2018 when I had not heard about the kiln being shipped. Emailed BCS. A response a day later said they would look into it. Few days pass and I write again. Same answer. Repeat several times to today March 6th when I decided to call Paragon directly and see if they could provide any info. Turns out my kiln has been ready to
  9. I'll have to check them out, thanks for posting them.
  10. Hi Neil, Great you have had good luck shopping with them, it seems many have not and my BCS experience matched exactly the negative reviews. It's taken me years to adapt, I now because the big box stores and economic trends in general have made it difficult not to do so shop online frequently and I seldom if ever have this problem without some previous disclaimer. Also, answering the phone/email and returning messages when you can't deliver is kind of basic good customer service and they dont score great in that arena, can't even leave them a message. I just ordered 75# of dry coyote g
  11. A word of caution, I ordered some clay and glaze to test last month and placed an order with the big ceramic store for two bags of laguna paper clay and 4 pints of different coyote glazes to try out. After placing my order I immediately got an automated reply from the big ceramic store that some of the items were out of stock, "sorry the inventory moves so quickly sometime we are out of some items" or something to that effect. I'm bummed, but the stuff is already ordered an I do want it. A week to 10 days later part of the order 2 bags of clay and 2 of the glazes show up (I paid $80. In shippi
  12. 1515art


    Nerd, have you posted pics of that crystalline glaze?
  13. 1515art


    I did splash some additional cobalt and iron oxide on the lower third but you can't really see that in the picture.
  14. 1515art


    No, no tin just cobalt oxide with water and dish soap experiment over a mix of coyote cone 6 glaze under the oxide and finished with a low fire clear third fire.
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