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  1. When I started making pottery I was signing and dating it. Sometimes with just the year, other times with both month and year. For me I think this was due to not having any care or thought as to how others would feel about when the piece was made. Of course, being new I wasn't looking towards selling any work at that time. I happen to agree with those who don't date their work because some people don't want to buy "old" work. As if it was some expiration date and the work is going to go bad. My work IS dated however in code. Stamped with my chop, hand written code. Only I know when it was made due to the code on the piece. I use this for myself in the same way some have mentioned, to examine my growth or any other changes I've made. If my work ever becomes "valued collectibles" (sheesh! Wouldn't that be nice!) I would release the key to decipher the code although I don't think it's that difficult of a coding system to break. Paul Nicholas
  2. Anytime is a good time for playing in the mud!

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