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    I live on a mountain in a small rural county, so I like to hike with my dogs, which I do everyday. I love to read, play the piano, take care of my 20 mo old identical twin granddaughters, and of course to POT!!

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  1. The Valley Fire wiped me out. Been to our property and our whole neighborhood is destroyed. I lost all: three wheels, three kilns, 400-500 pots, etc... I can replace my equipment and materials but my pots... that's where my big loss is because I can only claim cost of materials. All my hours of work and potential earnings are lost. I have a lot of questions which I'll be addressing in specific sections of the forum. I'm applying for a CERF grant and have set up an account for dona...

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    2. Evelyne Schoenmann

      Evelyne Schoenmann

      I am very very sorry. What happened to you is a nightmare. Please tell me where I can make a donation. I will do it from all my heart!


    3. LindaSkipper


      You need help from all of us. Is donating to CERF the best thing we can do for you now? When it comes time to set up a studio again, just ask for what you need. There are hundreds of generous hearts here who are aching for your tragic situation and will surely help in whatever way we can.

    4. crazypotterlady


      I do have an account set up for donations. Information about this is on my profile page. There's a link to my facebook website. Thank you!

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