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    I live on a mountain in a small rural county, so I like to hike with my dogs, which I do everyday. I love to read, play the piano, take care of my 20 mo old identical twin granddaughters, and of course to POT!!

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  1. I am now an official member of Potters' Council and I put up my artist portfolio. Next Saturday is the opening of a show I'm in (with 7 other potter/sculptors) at a gallery on the Mendocino Coast. And I just added listings to my etsy page. I'm finally feeling like an integrated part of the greater pottery world instead of going it by my lonesome.

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    2. PRankin


      Congratulations. Have a great opening next Saturday.

    3. Denice
    4. Marko


      The minute you picked up a ball of clay and fell in love with learning the process, you became a potter.

      Congrats and much success.

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