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  1. This has happened to me too. I over pack with 2 + inches of peanuts & bubble wrap now, then shrink wrap to hold it tight & more peanuts to stabilize- so far so good. I had my son (he's over 6 ft tall) throw a box with a porcelain item over-wrapped like that onto the cement floor to test my wrapping & it survived.
  2. I'm thinking about trying this >>> http://www.keep-art.co.uk/Self_build.html It's plans for a 3D printer & it looks like he's using a nice porcelain mixture. So far I'm just thinking about it & maybe I can go in with someone else to help build it. It even comes with the dfx files, etc. to cut the parts out on a laser cutter!
  3. The Potters Studio in Berkeley. They moved a couple of years ago to a new location.http://www.berkeleypottersstudio.com/ They have interesting talks once in awhile in the evenings and you can get lessons too.
  4. We had a great art program at the public schools I attended, from primary through to high school. I ended up in another field but art was my first love, esp. clay. Now I'm back at it again. In addition to a good art program in school, my next door neighbour was a painter and as a small child I used to sit quietly on his back porch and watch him paint landscapes from photographs and I guess he had patience as he was also a primary school principal. In high school we had field trips to art galleries & museums including the Detroit Institute of Arts, trips on the train to Stratford, & even a visiting Rodin show at a gallery right next to the school! So I guess my vote is "environment". My could have, should have, etc regret? Should have just taken art in university and headed into that field-period.
  5. Thanks! I will use it during the glaze part.
  6. what can I say? Bare ask that one again.
  7. Hi, I have a small amount of wood ash and it is not enough to process and I don't want to mix it with other wood ash. What would happen, in the firing & end result if I just sprinkled some on my raw, still wet, high fire stoneware bowls around the edges, prior to bisquing ? Any predictions?
  8. The sink has a clear cone 9/10 glaze (I forget which one!) over a stained leaf pattern. A new sink will give me a better chance to match up with the limestone-shell countertop. I don't know how it was chipped but the edge is perhaps too sharp. It sits on top of the counter.
  9. I made a vessel sink for our bathroom. It has been ok for two years but recently a small chip appeared on one edge! It is stoneware, sort of an all purpose grey stoneware, fired to cone 9/10. Any advice for making a sturdier sink? Is it technique- perhaps pressing the rim harder? Better stoneware clay or maybe porcelain? Better glaze? Any advice before I try again will be appreciated.
  10. I have an old Paragon LT-4 that I bought used and I have only used it for bisque firings. It has one small bit of broken brick and one element pokes out a bit and other than that the kiln setter works fine and I think it is in good working order- just old. I am thinking of using it for its original high fire purpose- at least to cone 6. Think I should have it checked out & bring it in to a ceramics store before I try this in case there is some issue that I can't see now? Do I have to fix that small brick part now before trying for cone 6? Maybe run it empty like the manual suggests to make sure it works at cone 6? It is currently about 2 or 3 feet from the walls in my basement and that is fine for 04 bisque. Should I push it further out for cone 6?
  11. After reading that perhaps my bag walls were to short, I took a look & sure enough they stopped at the middle of the middle for height. I added height today and will test things out at the next firing. Lost a bit of space as I had to also push the walls in a bit because of the arch but that's ok if it fires better.
  12. I'll take pictures in a day after it cools. Plus get the exact dimensions. But yes one of the shelves is at the back of the kiln about an inch off of the floor that leads to the flue. It is a hard brick kiln. 6 burner. Let you know the rest after I unload. thanks, Terri ok- tried to put my pictures in here and even selected smallest size thru pixlr but this program insists the file is too big! However, I see after comparing my kiln to comments that the bag wall ends at about middle shelf height so I think that has to go higher. After the kiln was turned off, it soaked and the final cone results were 5 1/2 on the top, 6 in the middle and 4 on the bottom. I understand the bag walls needing to be higher but what about the lower shelves at 4? My stacking is very loose with wide spaces for large objects- nothing packed in tight. Should I space the floor bricks further apart and maybe put the sheves at the bottom up a bit higher, esp. at the back over the flue? The hard brick kiln is 44 inches from floor to arch, about 52 inches across the floor, and 35 inches from front to back. Bag walls are currently 23 inches tall but I will make them higher and move them in a bit in order to do this. Any more ideas about that 4 on the bottom?
  13. I posted this question in another spot but maybe its own topic is better. I have an old fashioned 28 cu ft caternary arch gas fired brick kiln. I have had to rebuild parts and now I have uneven firing. I am going to cone 6 and the centre fires to that before the top or bottom does. The top and bottom ports show the cones down at 4 only while in the middle 4, 5 & 6 are completely down. I though I had enough spaces in the bag walls and the floor but perhaps not? I am pretty sure I haven't blocked anything with the shelves. The heat goes up behind the bag walls & then down - downdraft thru the floor and out to the chimney. Help!!!!
  14. I am trying to sort out the problem of my uneven firing. I have an old fashioned caternary arch 6 burner gas kiln and I use cones at three levels. I had intended to go to cone 6. The middle had cones 4,5,& 6 down, the top and bottom only cone 4 down. Is it the bag walls? maybe space the bricks a bit further apart? Or does the kiln floor need wider spaces? I am pretty sure the air flow was not obstructed by the kiln shelves. I thought I had arranged all the bricks nicely with lots of air flow. Help???
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