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  1. From the album: Pendant Lights I make

    I started out calling this light Nodding Amaryllis but it looks more like Solomons Seal.
  2. From the album: other stuff

    hardware stores or maybe even the dollar store
  3. From the album: other stuff

    works great! less expensive than the sponge made for it and a perfect fit.
  4. terrim8

    cone 4,5,6

    No- they're not lined up in a nice row. I'm sloppy when I make my own holders- better off with the store bought forms!
  5. From the album: other stuff

    Have to make a new one due to an unsightly chip on the rim.
  6. terrim8

    low fire

    smoke fired pottery
  7. terrim8

    IMG 2739

    From the album: low fire

    just right for putting plastic plant pots in but they have to be kept dry so I take the plants out to water them, then put the plants back in.
  8. I had the same problem with a very large, low profile sink & I just stopped trying. This discussion was very helpful. I might try again.
  9. Here is an antique ceramic brooch made in England- the one with all the flowers. Below that is one I made to look like a "cement" flower.
  10. From the album: other stuff

    I find this to be handy to dry out a wet slurry.
  11. From the album: other stuff

    cone 9/10 celadon, small sink
  12. From the album: other stuff

    Touchy glaze comes out good sometimes, sometimes not.
  13. terrim8

    high fire - shino

    some pots in preparation and one small pot with my favourite shino- Penn State. I like the grey tones to this shino.
  14. terrim8

    IMG 2599

    From the album: low fire

    decoration created with my hair, burnt on the pot!
  15. terrim8

    IMG 2723

    From the album: low fire

    small vase, bisque fired to 04, coated with terrasig & then pitfired after a coating of fireclay mud.
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