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    clay clay and clay... oh and playing the piano

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  1. What happened to Norm? (just curious... he was a goldmine of ideas)

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    2. Chilly


      I think he's back under a different name, check out some posts for long chemical terms :-)

    3. Benzine




      Oooooooh...... But now you have me curious....

      I thought there was more to it. There have been plenty of people, accused of being rude here, and at worse, they just have their posts edited. To be essentially purged from the boards, that takes a lot. I mean, they still let me post here, and I spew utter nonsense.

    4. Evelyne Schoenmann

      Evelyne Schoenmann

      I'am intrigued too. Denice, come spill it out!

      Chilly: can't find him....

      Benzine: nonsense is not the same as rude :-) (just pulling your leg)

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