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  1. How could I find the name of the guy in the Pacific Northwest that is doing the acrylic like flow glazing? My results so far are quite mediocre and I could use whatever guidance I could get from him

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    2. oldlady


      cannon beach is very small, there cannot be that many gift shops.  call the owners since employees change with the season.  anything that distinctive should be remembered.

    3. Gabby


      I think I have found him. I guessed that if he was at Cannon Beach, he would be represented by Dragonfire Gallery. There are maybe twenty galleries in the town, but the curators have widely different tastes. I think it is Matthew Patton.

    4. docweathers


      Thanks.  I'm following up on this Lead.

  2. Cone 6, Gas and Electric

  3. I do tig welding but what is electroforming?

  4. I love your glazes.

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