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  1. Be proud of me, guys! I just trashed some work I wasn't happy with, even though it was "good enough". Big step for me!

    1. Pres


      One of the most humbling lessons to learn it to recycle that which is just-"alright".

  2. For once, I don't feel like I was hit by a truck on Monday morning! Let's see if I can motivate myself to get the necessary cleaning done to swap my sewing room and pottery workroom around. I'll have so much more space!!

  3. The reporter can't write for crap and she got virtually NONE of her facts right, but hey! Our Clay Club is in the newspaper! http://www.petoskeynews.com/graphic/clay-creations/article_d8271924-61d9-5be9-a0ab-7d6ca156f662.html?TNNoMobile

  4. I'm kinda peeved that this new job I took has been wiping me out so bad. My practicing and production (and thus, progress) have gone straight down the tubes as I come home from work sore and exhausted :/ Thank goodness it's only part time - I think I'd die if it was full time. *slump*

    1. Biglou13


      One can always be practicing.

    2. Babs


      Maybe take this time to sketch and note stuff you'd like to pursue when rested, or go just a few pots according to your energy.


    3. Evelyne Schoenmann

      Evelyne Schoenmann

      Maybe it's only in the beginning, when you still have to learn much on the new job.

  5. Tried milk-firing last night! I'm mostly pleased with the results, but I can't find my jar of beeswax polish so I won't know for sure until that's located.

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    2. Babs


      Surely you'vee been using the polish daily!! no potting till the furniture smells like Granny's dining room!!

    3. Stellaria


      Oh, surely. *coughs on the dust coating everything in my house*

    4. Denice


      Sounds like my house, have you ever tried paste wax. I think it's easier to use and durable. Denice

  6. Ridiculously low motivation this week. I'd make myself make some stuff, but experience tells me that that would end in frustration and crappy output...just gonna ride it out.

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    2. Babs


      early v early morning here, just about to start yoga.

      What Tyler says is true. Just go into your space , mope around or tidy and before you know it you'll have a crapton of ideas!!:):)

    3. williamt


      Have to agree. If I'm out of sorts, I can't even center. Clean and rearrange.

    4. Stellaria


      I cleaned, made some plant markers for the garden, got stuff glazed....so it wasn't a TOTALLY non-productive week, at least.

  7. Mixed up my first glazes tonight! Of course, I flubbed up the first one by not re-reading the advice I was given and starting with too much water. So that will have to evaporate. Oh well, at least I learned something!

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    2. Stellaria


      I was concerned that there may be soluble components dissolved in the water that would change the glaze chemistry if I bailed it. Guess I should study the formula to see if that's even possible, eh?

    3. GEP


      good question ... maybe post the question and the recipe in Clay and Glaze Technical? I bet someone here can answer that.

    4. Stellaria


      I just looked at the list - it's all clays, stone, and oxides. I think I'm good. Thanks!

  8. Was asked today by a Clay Club newbie how many years I'd been working with pottery, and then shocked her by saying "since September". Made me feel pretty good! It led to a good conversation about practice frequency, goals, and research.

  9. *grumble* let my plates get too dry before trimming. Dangit!

    1. Chilly
    2. Rebekah Krieger

      Rebekah Krieger

      Chris told me to dampen a paper towel and wrap them in plastic. It works like a charm


    3. Stellaria


      I used damp paper towels overnight, and it did help. They were still flaky and weird, though! But I didn't seriously ruin any, so I'm happy. 5 dinner plates and a slightly wonky pie dish to be bisqued this weekend :)

  10. Ordered my own glazes for the first time! I decided to give glazemixer.com a try - we'll see how it goes. I ordered Diana's Fake Ash, Jeannie's Purple, and the CAD ^6 Eggshell. Excited to get experimenting again!

  11. I got a short tips session on throwing and trimming plates today while waiting in line to order my lunch! One of the local production potters I know was there with his family. He always gives good tips, too :)

  12. Whyyyyy does learning how to throw plates have to be SO HARD!! I should totally be able to do this without all this practicing crap. Yup. Ok, back to practicing. UGH!

    1. Chris Campbell

      Chris Campbell

      Hey, I am impressed that you find time to do all this practicing!! Focus on how thrilled everyone will be to eat off their own hand made plate ... really!

    2. Tyler Miller

      Tyler Miller

      I'm a believer in mathos pathei -- if it's not painful and difficult, you're not really learning. Keep up the practice! You'll have stunning plates soon!

    3. Stellaria


      You're probably right. But I don't have to like it!

      It probably doesn't help that all of my joints hate me right now, so the clay gets the better of me half the time. I made 3 that looked decent and didn't flop within 10 minutes. We'll see if I can keep it up.

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