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    Nashville, Tennessee - Where at least a few studios make something besides music.
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    Ceramic Musical Instruments, Figure Sculpture, Handbuilt/Thrown-altered Pieces (with music themes). Paul sketches...probably has something to do with his architectural background.

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  1. If there weren't children watching, I'd like to show this winter what a single digit looks like...should we have a show of hands? *grin*

    1. C. Banks

      C. Banks

      I'm ok with winter as long as I don't get too much on bare skin - rain, snow, frostbite

    2. Babs


      Reminds me when fluoro lights flickered we got the kids to all point at it, polite point!!!, and sometimes the magic worked and the flicker went away! SO if everyone..... perhaps you would get summer!

      Be careful what you wish for..

    3. ChenowethArts


      Babs...'love the kids pointing story! It isn't that I don't like winter..but THIS winter has not played nice with these ole bones :)

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