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    testing local glaze materials fired in oxidation to ^8-9 but dreaming of bricks

    amateur rock licking and occasional prospector
  1. boxes of stuff and layers of dust

  2. It might take a while but I have some images and a few pieces saved that shine up well
  3. Maybe you have some stuff lying around. Granite cliffs will have useful material at their base. Decomposing shells from old lake beds work for whiting. Volcanic ash, with a bit of flint/quartz, is fantastic substitution for feldspar. Limestone works for ... it's a source of calcium again iirc. Fine silt can work for slips and if you're lucky maybe that new road or old river bank cut into some nice clean local clay Then there's toothpaste, baby powder, shampoo?, or sunscreen or ... stuff with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide anyway You might already have seen the results from John Britt? Stuff that just makes a person smile.
  4. glaze calcs bah melt some stuff and see what happens find some good glass and you're set *I can only begin to aspire to a feeling for what to expect from the limited range of materials im somewhat familiar with. I only wish to suggest that although the science is absolutely useful the end result is still a combination of both art and science.
  5. this may be a fotm (flavour of the month) but it's fun to share an "ooo" moment
  6. thanks TJR im online very infrequently and wanted to respond here a few times but this phone tech is ... alien this is one of my success stories - it only took a few years but after giving up for a year or so I had a thought and threw a hail mary of sorts the recipe should read magnesium carbonate rather than manganese and is definitely approaching what I would call iron saturated? it is well behaved at ^9 and, when happy, shows no off browns and much maroon/purple character if I was to submit a glaze to cm this would be the first one of ? 3
  7. here is that jasper local clay 50 volcanic ash 10 bone ash 10 silica 10 gerstley borate 10 black iron oxide 10 spodumene 10 kona f4 4 mgco3 3 all in grams nice red breaking black with touches of purple at ^8.5-9 in oxidation
  8. I'm wondering if a decimal got misplaced on a few ingredients. *unfortunately my upbringing did not allow acess to art schools but this idea of 20 coc03 20 sn02 and 10 mn is less than subdued and not something id want to mix up nvm test or even pay for **please excuse the tone - I envy folks who are able to post with 'warm' tones *** I know somethings but show my ignorance by not recognizing a stain
  9. for those who haven't seen the potter at an art fair animation: it exagerates a bit but the extent of human stupidity/ignorance never fails to impress/disappoint
  10. this almost needs it's own 'inspirations' *sub* forum nicely posted on a grey winter day thank you
  11. the jasper has 10 grams bone ash, black iron oxide, whiting and I pretty sure 10 grams gb as well. the other couple ingredients im unsure of and it adds up to 114 or something your 'clay' test results sound very familiar the purplish oil spotting I remember with 10+% of rio was encouraging but I got sidetracked after findings spots of red. iirc 12% rio was the most I tried.
  12. when I get back home in a couple weeks I'll post the jasper
  13. 80 local clay 15 whiting 2 coco3 4 rutile this matte gold-black came fully functional with next to no fiddling necessary all amounts are grams
  14. we fire to ^8-9 but maybe I can offer a couple starting points 80 local clay 15 local calcium (whiting) 5 rio 2 light mgco3 it had an annoying tendency to blister - nothing serious just the odd 3 or 4 blisters every load. it was tolerable but annoying. I spent some time trying to puzzle them away but gave up after finally figuring out a decent jasper. there is another black recipe I can share with certainty but unfortunately I'm away from my little black book atm and can't remember the jasper exactly.
  15. someone just this morning sent me a 3 min. video on vineagar, paper slip *I'm guilty of not checking the front page as often as I should http://mobile.ceramicartsdaily.org/ceramic-supplies/pottery-clay/superior-slip-how-to-make-a-paper-joining-slip-to-help-attachments-stay-put/ same video conveniently located for those who don't just skip right over to the forums
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