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  1. When people say that thick applications of wash tended to crack, this really has everything to do with what is in the wash. I have found that washes with higher percentages of calcined kaolin crack less because they shrink less--youll need to experiment a bit--the good news is that the worst thing that happens is it flakes off and you have to re-apply.
  2. Hello, I appreciated your response so much looked up your profile and lo and behold we are neighbors. I live in Carly's, la. Thanks again

  3. justanassembler

    woodfired 11.12

    some pots from the train kiln I built here in Baton Rouge, fired 11.12
  4. I believe it has to do with the zinc in the pennies, which can also melt through corderite kiln shelves--I saw this and more happen to a beginning ceramics student in undergrad--I also got to watch the faculty reaction upon seeing a penny melted well into 1" thick kiln shelves.
  5. cone 10/11 woodfired stoneware, ~100cu ft train kiln
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