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  1. Jim- was that wheel controller one of the "digital" controllers they made around 2005-2006 where it had a "soft" push button for on/off and wheel head direction? If so, I think that Bob has been doing his damndest to get as many of those back to brent and out of the public's hands as he can--I had this experience with him twice and he was nothing short of amazing in terms of his speed and knowledge. I think the fact that he was willing to acknowledge (and make right!) a mistake in design really sold me on brent as a brand, as far as wheels go.
  2. When people say that thick applications of wash tended to crack, this really has everything to do with what is in the wash. I have found that washes with higher percentages of calcined kaolin crack less because they shrink less--youll need to experiment a bit--the good news is that the worst thing that happens is it flakes off and you have to re-apply.
  3. Hello, I appreciated your response so much looked up your profile and lo and behold we are neighbors. I live in Carly's, la. Thanks again

  4. To be clear, are you saying that not all clay contains silica? That is not correct at all.. People who work in clay studios are at risk and since silica accumulates in the lungs, the more exposure you have the more at risk you are. With regard to this specific situation, the line should be clear--sleeping in the same room as a pottery studio is asking for trouble. Once you begin working in that studio I promise you that if you turn out the lights and turn on a flashlight, itll look like a snowstorm in there--and thats the stuff you CAN see.... Why expose yourself to that when you don't ne
  5. justanassembler

    woodfired 11.12

    some pots from the train kiln I built here in Baton Rouge, fired 11.12
  6. I believe it has to do with the zinc in the pennies, which can also melt through corderite kiln shelves--I saw this and more happen to a beginning ceramics student in undergrad--I also got to watch the faculty reaction upon seeing a penny melted well into 1" thick kiln shelves.
  7. If you dont have calcined kaolin, just throw a bunch of epk in a bowl and bisque it--preso-chango, calcined epk
  8. cone 10/11 woodfired stoneware, ~100cu ft train kiln
  9. To answer your first questions, most glazes are calculated @ 100% minus their colorants--so your ingredients will equal 100% not counting colorants which are usually listed last on a recipe and will be small percentages of the total of most glazes. In terms of your question regarding wet quantities, a rough rule of thumb is that 5-7lbs of glaze materials dry makes roughly a gallon wet. This of course differs a lot depending on the consistency of the glaze you are mixing, you'll have to do some testing on your specific recipes, but thats a rough guideline.
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